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I brought together 39 of the world’s ADHD and parenting masters to share the most effective parenting approaches and strategies for kids with ADHD, and their parents, in the Parenting ADHD Summit.
They shared how to let go of traditional expectations, improve behavior, boost your child’s self-esteem, manage child and family stress, navigate school struggles, handle emotional intensity, empower your child for success and confidence, take care of yourself, parent with purpose and intention, and so, so much more.
Over 28 hours of expertise in one powerful library!
This year’s Summit might be over, but it’s never too late. If you want to improve life for your child with ADHD, and improve life for yourself and your family, you need this Parenting ADHD Experts Library.

Being in the early stages of our journey with an ADHD child, I have often felt as though I don’t know where to begin. I didn’t know how to reconcile the diagnosis with what I see in my child. This Summit has provided me with many avenues to explore and consider as we move forward. It was comforting and reassuring to hear a consistent overarching message of encouragement and positivity, as well as having specific and detailed information that I can apply to my situation. What a valuable opportunity! Thank You!!!  Tanya, U.S.

Thanks so much for the Summit. It’s been so helpful. It’s difficult to choose one aha moment as all the speakers were amazing. Loved it all; even listening in from England and getting up at 4 am every morning to take notes! Bless you Penny for all your hard work over the years that has culminated in helping so many others!

Helen, England

What You'll Learn

The ADHD Brain

The ADHD brain works differently than the neurotypical brain. Learn how it actually works, and how to work with it instead of fighting it.

Parenting Strategies for ADHD

Traditional parenting strategies and expectations simply don’t work for kids with ADHD. Learn the approaches that do work, and what really matters.

Behavior & Lagging Skills

Behavior is often the most prominent ADHD symptom, but it’s not the primary focus. Learn what your child’s behavior is telling you, and how to improve it.

Treating the Whole Child

ADHD treatment is paramount, of course. In addition, a child’s overall physical health and wellness affect their ADHD and life experience.

Child’s Wellbeing

Self-esteem and experiencing successes are crucial to your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Learn how to influence both.

ADHD at School

Kids with ADHD struggle immensely in school, because it’s structured for neurotypical brains. Learn how your child can have academic success, too.

The Sessions & the Masters You'll Learn From

  The ADHD Brain

Understanding Emotions, Stress, and the Brain to Understand Behavior

Sarah Wayland, PhD
Special Needs Care Navigator, RDI Consultant

Defining the Three Types of ADHD: What ADHD Is and What It Isn’t

Marilyn Griffin, MD
Psychiatrist, Medical Director of the Comprehensive ADHD Clinic

Understanding the Adolescent Brain: Raise Competent, Resilient Teens

Sharon Saline, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist

How the ADHD Experience is Different for Girls

Linda Roggli, PCC
ADHD Coach, Author

The Truth About Video Games, Screen Time and ADHD

Randy Kulman, PhD
Psychologist and Founder of Learning Works for Kids

Your Strategic Plan to Optimize Your Child’s Potential

Devon MacEachron, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

 Parenting Strategies

Shifting Your Mindset: Why It’s So Hard and How to Facilitate It in Your Child

Jeff Copper, PCAC, PCC, ACG
ADHD and Attention Coach

Mindful Parenting for Raising Kids with ADHD Effectively

Mark Bertin, MD
Developmental Pediatrician

How to Be the Parent Your Child with ADHD Needs You to Be

John Willson, MS, LRT/CTRS
Executive Director of SOAR

Taking a Coach Approach to Parenting Kids with ADHD

Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster

Out-of-the-Box Strategies for Successfully Raising Kids with ADHD

Roberto Olivardia, PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer in Psychology at Harvard

Parenting a Child with ADHD When You Have ADHD Yourself

Terry Matlen, ASCW
Psychotherapist, ADHD Coach, Author

 Behavior and Lagging Skills

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions for Behavior

Ross W. Greene, PhD
Clinical Child Psychologist, Professor, and Author

When Expectations Are Beyond Capability and What to Do About It

Holly Moses, MS, BCBA, LPC, LPA
Psychologist, Behavior Analyst

Executive Functioning Solutions for Kids with ADHD

Jim Forgan, PhD
Licensed School Psychologist, Author

Time Blindness: Teaching Time Management Skills to Kids with ADHD

Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA
Clinical Psychologist, Author

Organizing Kids with Organizational Challenges

Leslie Josel
Professional Organizer, Founder of Order Out of Chaos

When ADHD & Autism Co-Exist: Insights and Treatment from a Trauma Perspective

Robert Cox, MA, LPC, NCC
Nationally Certified Counselor

 Treating ADHD & The Whole Child

Medication & Beyond: Treating the Whole Child when Treating ADHD

Dr. Charles Parker
Neuroscience Consultant, Psychiatrist

Taking an Integrative Approach to Treating ADHD

Elisa Song, MD
Holistic Pediatrician, Pediatric Functional Medicine Expert

Nutrition for Optimal Brain Health and Functioning

Mira Dessy, NE BCHHP
Holistic Nutritionist, Real Food Advocate

The Powerful Role Rhythm Plays for Kids with ADHD

Suzanne Cresswell, PT, OT, CHT, CEA
Physical and Occupational Therapist

How to Secure Community Resources and Assistance

Zondra Moss, MS, LMFT
Integrated Care Director at Developmental Disabilities Resources

The Summit was absolutely amazing!! I learned to make more time for myself to replenish, believe it or not! I always felt guilty if I took time out just to look up research on the computer or read a book. I also learned that my son playing video games may not be a bad thing. Lastly, I am definitely not alone — hearing all the speakers talk about their journeys was comforting. Thank you for putting on an awesome Summit.   Frances, Australia

 Your Child’s Wellbeing

Nurturing Talents, Gifts and Passions to Create Successes & Empower Your Child

Dr. Edward Hallowell
Child and Adult Psychiatrist

Protecting and Boosting Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Jackie Flynn, EDS, LMHC, RPT
Psychotherapist, Education Specialist, Play Therapist

Suicide Risk and Intervention: The Conversations You Must Have with Your Child

Jonathan B. Singer, PhD, LCSW
Associate Professor of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago

Finding Your Child’s Spark and Running with It

Ben Glenn
Artist, Professional Speaker, Adult with ADHD

Protecting Your Child from the Criminalization of their ADHD

Robert Tudisco, Esq.
Disability Attorney, ADHD Motivational Speaker

Finding Acceptance for Differently-Wired Kids and Neurodiversity

Debbie Reber
New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of TiLT Parenting

 ADHD, LD, and School

Special Education, Accommodations, and Related Services

Carolyn D’Argenio, M.S.

Homeschooling Kids with ADHD and Learning Differences

Shawna Wingert
Author, Founder of Not the Former Things

Raising Twice-Exceptional Kids: Supporting Giftedness and Disabilities in the Same Child

Colleen Kessler, M.Ed.
Gifted Specialist, Educational Consultant, Author

Assistive Technology for Struggling Learners: Discovering the Tools to Help Your Child Succeed

Jennifer Choi. MS
Assistive Technology Coach

 Parent Self-Care and Wellbeing

The Importance of Self-Care for Moms of Kids withSpecial Needs

Vikki Spencer
aka, The Mom Whisperer, Author, Mom Coach

How to Be Resilient When Raising a Child with Invisible Disabilities

Rev. Mantu Joshi
Author of The Resilient Parent

How Moms Can Live a Life of Intention and Purpose

Julie Neale
Life and Leadership Coach, Founder of Mother’s Quest

Wake Up Each Day with a Renewed Fire and Focus

Dr. Alisha Griffith, Au. D, CCC SLP, CPC
Communication Expert, Author, IGNITE Coach

Healthy Family, Happy Family: How Parent Health Affects Everyone

Maureen Lake, MA, IAHC
Special Educator, Certified Holistic Health Coach

The Power of Acceptance and Letting Go to Parent with Intention

Penny Williams
Author, Journalist, Parenting ADHD Trainer and Coach

This expert library will empower you to help your child… and your family.

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Over 28 hours of ADHD & Parenting Expertise
Forever Access to All 39 Video Presentations
Forever Access to All 39 Audio Presentations
Download and Watch or Listen to Sessions Anywhere
The Companion Empowerment Workbook
All Speaker Bonus Downloads
Private Exclusive Facebook Support Group 
2 Group Coaching Calls: July & August 2018
About your host…

Penny Williams

Parenting ADHD Trainer & Guide. Award-Winning Author. Journalist. Speaker.

Penny Williams trains and coaches parents raising kids with ADHD and/or autism. She’s the parent of a son with ADHD and autism, and the author of three award-winning books on parenting kids with ADHD: Boy Without Instructions, What to Expect When Parenting Children with ADHD, and The Insider’s Guide to ADHD, and her latest title, The Hidden Layers of ADHD.

Penny is the current editor of, Founder and Instructor for The Parenting ADHD & Autism Academy, retreat guide for the Happy Mama Retreat and the Purposeful Parenting Bootcamp, and a frequent contributor on parenting and children with ADHD for ADDitude Magazine and other parenting and special needs publications.

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